Fleet-Up // API
Fleet-Up API // Response Codes
All Fleet-Up API responses are packaged into a JSON document that contains a "Success" boolean flag plus a "Message" and "Code". The "Success" flag will tell you if your request was processed sucessfully and the "Message" will tell you where you went wrong specifcally. The "Code" will tell you more generically the cause of the error and should be handled by your application accordingly. Please note the corresponding HTTP status codes.
  • Tip #1 - If you receive an HTTP 4xx or HTTP 5xx response inspect the reponse JSON for more information.
  • Tip #2 - Handle errors correctly - i.e don't repeatedly request failing calls or your app will get banned.
{ "Success": false, "Message": "Bad request - Incorrect ApiCode for this App.", "CachedUntilUTC": "\/Date(1421799725525)\/", "Code": 50003, "Data": null }
Code Name Description
0    Success Success. (HTTP 200)
50001    GenericFatalError Failed due to a generic or internal server error. (HTTP 500)
50002    InvalidUserId Failed because the speicifed user was not found. (HTTP 400)
50003    InvalidApiCodeForApp Failed because the API key supplied for the app was not found or invalid. (HTTP 400)
50004    InvalidOrExpiredApiKey The API key has expired or is invalid. (HTTP 400)
50005    AppNotFound An application matching the supplied key could not be found. (HTTP 400)
50006    AppBlocked The application has been blocked. (HTTP 403)
50007    AppDoesNotHaveAccessToData The application does not have permission or access to the requested data. (HTTP 403)
50008    UserDoesNotHavePermission The user does not have permission or access to the requested data. (HTTP 403)
50009    MissingOrInvalidFiltersJson The JSON data supplied for filtering was missing or invalid. (HTTP 400)
50010    InvalidCalendarApiCode The calendar API key supplied was invalid. (HTTP 400)
50011    GroupOutOfScope The key does not have scope access to the supplied group. (HTTP 403)
50012    GroupBlockedAPIAccess The group has blocked API access. Contact the group owner. (HTTP 403)
50013    APICurrentlyUnavailable The API is currently down or unavailable due to maintenance. (HTTP 503)
50014    UserNotGroupMember User is not a member of the specified group. (HTTP 403)
50015    RequestedItemIsPrivate The requested item is private. (HTTP 403)
50016    RequestedItemNotFound The requested item not found. (HTTP 404)
50017    ErrorParsingRequest Error occured parsing request. (HTTP 400)