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Help // Vouchers
Sometimes vouchers are released for Fleet-Up, which can be redeemed in return for credit.
How to Redeem Vouchers
  1. Create or locate an existing 'Pro' group or above
  2. Click the 'Top Up Credit' link against the group
  3. Click the 'Redeem Voucher' button.
  4. Enter your voucher code and confirm.
Voucher Promotions and Events
Event or Promotion Fleet-Up Credit Value Expires
#EVE_NT February 2015 6 Months Pro (or equivalent) 1st June 2015
EVE Down Under 2014 6 Months Pro (or equivalent) 1st June 2015
#EVE_NT Nottingham meet up 13th September 2014 3 Months Pro (or equivalent) 31 December 2014
Voucher Terms & Conditions
  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per group per promotion.
  • Vouchers must be claimed before the expiry date shown above.
  • Fleet-Up vouchers hold no real world or virtual value and can only be redeemed for credit.