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Oct, 11th 2012 - New: Orange Highlight and Ship Roles
A couple of new features have been added to Fleet-Up. The ability to identify which ships are flyable has been fine tuned with a new orange highlight and a new field has been added to doctrine fittings to define ship roles.
Orange Highlight - Ships you can 'nearly' fly
A new highlight has been added to the 'flyable' marker system. The new highlight is orange, which signifies that you have the skills to fly the hull but do not have the skills to use all of the modules. This new addition will help highlight fittings that perhaps you could fly if you downgraded a module or trained a new skill. When you select a character to compare which fittings you can fly they are now highlighed as follows.
  • Green - Selected character can fly the hull and use all modules.
  • Orange - Selected character can fly the hull but cannot use all modules.
  • Red - Selected character cannot fly the hull.
To learn more about how the fittings system can benefit you please read this spotlight article on fittings.
Ship Roles - Help define clear roles within a fleet
A new field has been added against doctrine fittings, allowing you to define a 'Role' for each ship. Clearly defined roles will help pilots understand how their chosen ship should work within the fleet.
The 'Role' setting is visible against each ship when you click the 'Manage Fittings' button against a doctrine. When you add a fitting to a doctrine the most likely role is automatically assigned, for example a battlecruiser might be 'DPS' whereas a interceptor would be 'Tackle'. If you need to change the role simply click on the name and a list will pop up allowing you to select another.
To keep up to date with all version changes please see the change log.