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Oct, 15th 2012 - Month One: Looking Back, Looking Forward
It's been just over a month since Fleet-Up was taken out of beta and into full production mode. The production launch was a fairly small affair. No balloons, fireworks, keynote speeches or anything like that. Just a simple copying of files and a click. Boosh. Live.
In a quiet, informative way I lifted the viel on three or four months of working in my spare time to create a community tool for EVE online. I've been mulling over the idea of creating an EVE online tool for a couple of years now. I knew I wanted it to be a web application, a service that anyone could just sign up to and use, and earlier this year an idea came to me that set the wheels in motion.
You never really know how things like this are going to turn out and it's still very early days considering only a month has passed. The EVE community is full of clever people with strong opinions too so there's no fooling anyone. But I had a plan: keep things simple and honest; give it a month.
Well, as it turns out there are a growing number of players out there that can benefit from Fleet-Up. A number people have got in contact with me too, wanting to discuss how they are using it or to ask questions and suggest improvements. It's been really interesting and I hope to hear from more people.
A big 'thank you'
I'd like to extend a big 'thank you' to everyone that has signed up, made use of, asked questions, performed testing, provided feedback, or got in touch to discuss their opinions. I've had some very interesting chats with all sorts of different users over the past few weeks and there have been some outstanding suggestions, which I can't wait to incorporate.
As a result of the feedback I have received I am going to head into another round of development, incorporating some new features and improve on what's already there.
So what's next? (v1.1)
So what's next for Fleet-Up? What I'd really like to do is iterate some of the great suggestions that have been made into new features. Since the launch I have been pecking away at fixing any issues that arose and adding some smaller features that I wanted to add in sooner rather than later.
Before I roll out a bunch of new features I'm going to do a bit of additional work on what's already there. Most areas will get looked at in some way to help improve user experiences. One of the first things to go in will be to improve the group application and approval process with regard to API keys. Expect to see a few small versions over the next few days.
Next big thing on the horizon is to complete and release version 1.1. There will be at least one, if not two, new headline features included in the new version that will build on the existing benefits. More to come on that over the next week or so but for now all I will say is 'briefcases' and 'piecharts'.
If you'd like to discuss Fleet-Up, please get in touch with me.