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Oct, 30th 2012 - v1.1 Road Map
It's been a few weeks since I talked about the future of Fleet-Up. During that time things have been fairly busy on the development front. In fact, four new features will be added in the up-coming v1.1 release, which should be available later in November 2012. I decided to chose two user-suggested features, one of my own and another that just made sense. So what are they?
There is a bunch of very useful data available to users of Fleet-Up but most if it is in tabular form. A few people have been in contact asking about reporting, asking me if it was possible to add in some graphical representations of the already useful data. It makes sense for users to be able to see which races, ships and weapons their coroporation wishes them to use the most at a glance. Combine this with the 'flyable' skill information and you have some very powerful data. Enter... pie charts, guages, bars, and columns.
Briefcases / Shopping Lists
A number of users have also been in contact asking me if there is a way of combining the ships and fitting lists with some kind of 'shopping list'. A way of selecting multiple fittings and be able to see all of the required items, modules, volumes, etc that make them up. Furthermore, the ability to pass this list to someone else to go shopping for you. With a bit of further thinking I came up with the idea of a 'briefcase' - a way of grouping fittings together in to you own personal requirements. A briefcase can then be used as a shopping list, a favourite group, an 'overnight-bag' for an operation, or anything else like that. Look out for it.
Asset Tracking
An asset tracker will being added. This is something I unashamedly added in from my own requirements. I wanted to create something that would allow me to see where my ships and other items are located out of game. Most importantly I wanted to be able to see the fitting in a meaningful format instead of just a blank list of ungrouped modules. So I created an optional asset tracker. It allows you to view and search all of your characters' assets in one place. Furthermore, the ship list is seperated off and you can even view the fitting in a meaningful format.
Additional categories will be added against fittings. These will depict if the ship is armor or shield tanked, what type of weapons it supports, what range it fights at, etc. The categories will make searching for fittings or managing doctrines much easier. The categories also feed into the new reporting area.
So, when will all this be available? I'm hoping that you will be seeing this rolled out mid-end November 2012. In the mean time, if you have any questions or suggestions in these areas or any other please get in contact.