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April, 3rd 2013 - Version 1.1.5
Fleet-Up has been updated to version 1.1.5. This update includes some bug fixes plus an improvement to the way API keys and group applications using them are handled. In particular, users can now apply to join a group based upon a matching Alliance in their API key. Previously it was only possible to apply via API using match at corporation level.
In addition to being able to apply directly using an Alliance-level API key match, users applying for groups via the 'join url' or name search can be automatically approved if they are a member of a corporation/alliance matching the group owner's public characters. Please note that this functionality is only enabled if configured under the 'Edit Group' options. Essentially, if you would like Corp/Alliance members to be able to apply automatically without manual approval required then you must check the Corp/Alliance API options and uncheck the 'API applications require approval' option.
For a full list of changes please consult the change log. More updates coming soon when I have the time. I make a note of all enhancements and problems reported so if you have an issue or idea please get in contact.
Fly safe.