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April, 22nd 2013 - Shopping List Improvements
A new feature has been added to Fleet-Up that allows users to manually search for and add items to shopping lists.
Several people have been in contact requesting some improvements be made to the shopping lists area. The most common request is to add the ability to manually add items to lists by searching. This feature was originally planned to be part of the 1.1 release last year but there was not time to complete it.
To add items to a shopping list you simply open one from the Shop menu and then click the 'Add Items' button. You can only add items to your own lists that have not been locked for sharing. You can search most of the EVE item database by name and add items based upon quantity.
There are plans to iterate further on the shopping lists area in the future but I wanted to get this feature released first because it has been heavily requested.
If you have any feedback at all on these changes please get in contact.