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April, 29th 2013 - Some Fitting Improvements
Some improvements have been made to the fittings and doctrines area to improve the visiblity and management of fittings and doctrines.
  • A new tab has been added against a fitting to show which doctrines it is used in.
  • A new 'Details' tab has been added to a fitting to show who added it, when and when it was last updated.
  • The fittings list can be filtered by doctrine.
  • The fittings list can also be filtered for fittings that are not used in any doctrines, which is useful for clean-ups.
  • When deleting a doctrine, users have the option to remove all associated fittings too.
Various other small changes have been made, a full list can always be found in the change log. If you have any feedback at all on these changes please get in contact.