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May, 3rd 2013 - Comments
The ability to add comments in various areas has been added to Fleet-Up. It's another feature that was planned earlier in the development of version 1.1 but never made it to production. It makes a lot of sense for users to be able to pass comment or discuss certain items on Fleet-Up, which is now possible through the comments system.
It is possible to add comments to fittings, doctrines, operations and shopping lists and the system is fairly simple in operation. The comments are listed in date order and there are no nests or hierarchies at present.
Comments are listed newest first by default. Whilst this is the opposite to the way some systems deal with comments it will mean that the latest comments appear first, which makes quite a lot of sense for things like fittings. Of course there is a link to switch the order if you prefer to see the oldest first.
Also added as part of this update is the optional ability to automatically remove members from groups when they leave your corporation or alliance based on API matching. If you are a group owner or manager, please head over to the Groups section to check it out.
If you have any feedback at all on these changes please get in contact.