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Sept, 8th 2013 - Odyssey 1.1 Update
EVE Online has been updated to Odyssey 1.1. In accordance with these changes Fleet-Up has been updated with the latest data export.
The most notable changes are those to the industrial ship names plus the new Jump Clone skills. For a full list of changes in Odyssey 1.1 please review the patch notes.
API Issues
There have been a few issues reported in the time between the release of Odyssey 1.1 and the data update to Fleet-Up. These issues have been due to the new Jump Clone skills being present in the API output from CCP but Fleet-Up not being aware of them.
If you are experiencing an issue with an API key in relation to skills or 'flyable' ship data please try deleting the API key then re-adding it. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by these issues over the past few days.
Any Problems?
If you have any questions or see any problems please get in contact.