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Feb, 22nd 2015 - Skills Plans & Certificates
Nearly eighteen months ago, when I was first planning Fleet-Up version 1.2, I considered a certificates feature that would allow for managers to be able to define skill plans for pilots to train against. Since my initial plans for various reasons the certificates feature didn't make it into production, however, I recently found the time to go back and finish the first iteration.
The skill plans and certificates feature can be accessed via the Skills menu.
Skills Plans and Certificates
Skill plans have existed for as long as EVE itself and are an integral part of the future endeavours of all pilots. Sometimes it is the case that the leaders of corps, alliances, and similar groups post advisory information about skills to train for the purposes of helping newer pilots or perhaps to ensure the support skills for a particular fleet are correctly trained. It's my exerience that this information is often imparted via forum posts, EVE mails or similar with no way of ensuring the information has been received or followed.
The certificates feature allows Doctrine Managers, Group Managers, and Owners the ability to create skill plans that group members can instantly track their progress against. Furthermore, group management can report on the number of pilots who have successfully completed each certificate and the percentage training time for those that have not. This valuable information helps pilots and managers alike.
Progress Tracking
Users can track their progress automatically by simply selecting a character from the drop down list at the top of the certificates page. After selecting a character the list will automatically show the percentage trained for each certificate as well as the estimated training time to complete training. Clicking on a certificate will open it up to display exactly the skills required to train to complete the certificate as well as estimated training times for the selected character.
Export and Download Plans
Plans can be downloaded in an XML format that can be imported into popular personal skill tracking tools such as EVEMon. This allows users to download plans and track them on their own should they wish to. In addition to this, a button to download a skill-plan for a particular fitting has been added.
Questions or Problems?
If you have any questions or see any problems please get in contact.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 22nd Feb 2015