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April, 12th 2016 - Version 1.3.1 - The Social Release
Fleet-Up version 1.3.1 has been deployed and many of the changes are in some way socially orientated, such as to improve users access to information and be able to respond it. There's some big improvements coming soon in version 1.3.2 regarding tracking and management of fleets and operations but before that comes around I wanted to push out the following updates.
For a full list of changes please visit the change log.
Public & Community Groups Unlimited
A picture of timers and ops on the home page Public and comunity groups are now completely free and unlimited. When a group is set to 'public' as many people as you like can join and there are no restrictions on the number of fittings etc that can be added. One of the things I did not predict when writing Fleet-Up was the rise and growth of public and community roams. Several of EVE's public and community groups have come to use Fleet-Up and features have been put in to support this activity over time. I hope to further support the community through this change.
Some other changes have come into play in the area of public groups. Firstly, the 'search public groups' system lists groups with the largest at the top and also includes links to websites, killboards plus any motd information the group owner has set. The 'pilot reports' feature has been removed for public groups since this type of management reporting is typically reserved for the private affairs of corporations and alliances and public groups lack the API key linking required to make these possible.
Home Page Operations & Timers
Up-coming operations have always been shown on the home page. This concept has been extended to also include timers - meaning users do not need to navigate to the operations or timers board in order to check if there are up-coming events. It is also now possible to accept/decline operations from the home page, meaning hopefully this will be a more frequently used feature and save a few clicks.
Comments Improvements
A picture of comments It is now possible to reply to any comment and also post comments directly through the home page 'activity stream' - this allows for a more social experience when logged in to Fleet-Up. All comments posted are notified to the acitivity stream too, so there's now more chance of other people seeing, reading and responding to your messages.
The ability to post comments has also been added to the skill plan and certificates area since it seemed sensible that users may wish to discuss these items in the same way other as other areas.
User Identities
It is now possible to specify a particular character (added via API) as your primary identity for a given group. This will be particularly useful for users that are a member of multiple groups and are known differently to each. For example, you might have an alt in an RvB corp and your main associated with a particular alliance.
If you have added a character that is the same name as your Fleet-Up 'display name' then that character will be automatically selected as your main identity. To set or change your user identity for a particular group use the identity control on right against each group in the groups area.
A picture showing user identity The groups area been overhauled a little to accommodate the user identities system. The most notable change is that if you enable API-level applications for your group the correct corp/alliance logos will automatically appear next to your groups.
Once a character identity has been selected against a group the name will be used everywhere to identify that member. Additional link options will be also present when hovering over the character's name (example: Wacktopia ) to the following services: EVE Gate, zKillboard, and EVE Who.
Slack Notifications for Shared Operations / Timers
Slack notifications now include timers and operations that have been shared under the Group-Share permissions system. So, if your group receives shared operations or timers shared from other groups then you can receive Slack notifications for them. To set up or manage shares for a group you own visit the groups section, click on the name of the group and then on the 'Group Sharing' tab.
Questions or Problems?
If you have any questions or see any problems please get in contact.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 12th April 2016